The New Husband by D.J. Palmer

the new husband

A page-turner but not without faults…

After her husband mysteriously disappears without a trace, Nina is devastated to learn about his double life. With their finances dwindling fast, Nina has no intention to look for another man. But when Simon Fetch, a teacher at her daughter’s middle school, enters Nina’s life, it seems she has finally found her perfect man. Despite her daughter and best friends’ qualms about Simon, Nina moves in with him. But things are not as they seem on the surface. Engrossing narrative and high suspense are the highpoint of this thriller. Unfortunately, inconsistency (Especially, Nina’s character who despite her practicality and perceptiveness stays oblivious to Simon’s darker side) makes it hard to identify with the characters. The dialogue is sharp, and the tension stays high. Despite some unbelievable plot twists, the book makes for a fast-paced read. Fans of domestic thrillers will find enough to like.


The New Husband

By D.J. Palmer

St. Martin’s Press

Pub date April 14, 2020

ISBN 9781250107497

Price $17.10 (USD)


Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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