The Match Disaster by Latesha Kellam

the match disater
An unassuming, intriguing read…
After a bad marriage and a disappointing dating experience, the unnamed protagonist of Kellam’s novel, a single mother, tries a new dating site and finds her Mr. Right. The things look promising, but the years go by without any concrete progress in their relationship. Ignoring the warning signals throughout the relationship was not the only mistake the protagonist made: she settled for less when she knew she deserved to be treated better. Will she learn to value her self-worth before it gets too late? Written in the first-person narrative, Kellam beautifully conveys her protagonist’s harrowing emotional journey: too nice to take a stand for herself, she immediately becomes the target of her lover’s altering mood swings and petty insults. In an unpretentious tone, Kellam shows what the main protagonist, who tells the story in her voice, likes and admires about the new man in her life. The slow, tantalizing shift in their relationship, as she comes to recognize the significance of her lover’s occasional tempers is both believable and convincing. The book’s theme is fascinating, and the way Kellam executes the plot (the story told in the protagonist’ voice, making it ridiculously simple), makes the reader turn pages fast. While Kellam’s unassuming prose slips occasionally into commonplace and somewhat dull observations, the storyline stays intriguing enough to keep the reader invested. This engrossing book makes for an illuminating, intimate look at the relationship struggles a woman faces in an emotionally abusive relationship. Lovers of women’s fiction will be rewarded.

The Match Disaster

By Latesha Kellam

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Pub date March 14, 2020

ISBN 9781678131517

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Fiction, Women's fiction

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