Whispers on a String by Kathleen Stone

whispers on a string


A jam-packed emotional story about friendship, belonging, and love…

Poignant emotions and tender romance run deep in Stone’s engrossing latest which tells the story of two best friends who are trying to deal with their unresolved feelings. When fourteen-year-old Roo meets Lonny at high school in 1975, she immediately knows she has found her best friend. She not only shares her last name with Lonny but also her birthdate, and together they navigate through their emotional high school years. But when at eighteen, Lonny gets a chance to audition for his favorite band Livingston Monroe, he has no idea his life is taking a new turn and separating him from his best friend. Unable to recognize their deep-rooted love for each other, they part ways and go in separate directions. Now thirty years later, the life has brought them together again; with Roo’s marriage in jeopardy, Lonny offers to take her on a cross country road trip from New York to Las Vegas. Will they recognize the love they always had for each other or part ways once again? The engrossing first-person narrative is told in Roo’s voice as she embarks on the road trip with Lonny after the latter finds him dwelling in self-pity and misery. Stone keeps readers invested in the story with ever-changing conflicts in Roo and Lonny’s relationship as a sheer number of tropes in the couple’s love story further complicates the plot. The tender prose vividly captures the feelings and fault lines in the couple’s relationship over decades; the willful but vulnerable Roo suffers from repressed guilt, and the assured Lonny finds it hard to express his true feelings. The unbreakable bond between Roo and Lonny is credible and the honest connection between Roo and Peter earnest. The couple’s tumultuous underlying chemistry fuels the plot, and there are enough ups and downs to keep the pages turning. Stone keeps this dramatic, intelligent romance clean although her characters have this sensual, sultry side to them; Roo’s rebellious rendezvous before her wedding; the charming Peter’s take on love; Lonny’s chance encounters. This is an excellent novel, and Stone has depicted the long-lasting friendship and enduring bonds with ease and efficiency. The pacing is good, the writing vivid, but it’s Stone’s insights about idea of a soulmate, true love, and friendship that set the story apart. Evocative and absorbing, the book will appeal equally to lovers of women’s fiction and well-constructed romance.

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Whispers on a String

by Kathleen Stone

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Pub date September 21, 2019


Price $7.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $21.95 Paperback

Categories: Fiction, Women's fiction

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