Triple Bagger: one story of management consultancy by mari reiza

triple bagger


A biting portrait of corporate ambitions…

A reclusive author’s recounting of his career as a consultant in a top-rated corporation brings a motley crew of characters in this unorthodox tale by Reiza. Trying to meet his family’s expectations, Vittal Choudhary joins Enterprise, a highly renowned business organization. But a decade of climbing through various positions at the Enterprise makes him realize the futility of his whole endeavor as the life seems to lose its meaning. Reiza’s crisp prose vividly captures the feelings and fault lines in her characters’ relationships as she sketches a highly ruthless corporate world, where ambitions rule over mortality. The plotting is loosely done, and the large cast of uncanny characters is both unorthodox and memorable. A leisurely read, this is an impressive, visceral novel about ambition, vanity, fear, and control. Lovers of literary fiction will be rewarded.


Triple Bagger: one story of management consultancy

by mari reiza

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Pub date March 27, 2017


Price $2.81 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.99 Paperback


Categories: Fiction, Short Reviews

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