Time Keeper (Saving History Series Book 1) by Robert Starnes

time travel

A satisfying debut…

Starnes makes his debut in time travel with this gripping, leisurely-paced first installment in the Saving History series and tells the story of a group of young adults who set on to make a correction to the timeline to save the future from vicious forces. Strange visions are haunting Junior. History is changing gradually. When Junior realizes the ultimate change in history will eradicate his own existence from the timeline, he decides to go back in the past and locate his mother’s best friend Ian, the person who has the power to make correction to the timeline and set things right. But Ian himself is going through a dilemma of his own: strange things are happening around him; his best friend Kyla is missing; and a vicious villain wants to change the timeline for his own ulterior motives. To save Kyla, Ian must change his own future or risk losing his best friend forever. With his own diagnosis of ASD and Dyslexia, Starnes is clearly well informed about the real struggles of people with reading disorders; reading a time travel book with its complicated layers of world-building and temporal hijinks presents a daunting task. Keeping in mind his own struggles of reading fiction, Starnes keeps the worldbuilding simple and story’s multiple strands from getting too tangled, making it an ideal adventurous tale for people with reading disorders. His characterization is done nicely; Ian shines as the protagonist, his gentle temperament, integrity, and sensitivity makes him an endearing hero. Kyla who comes across as a typical teenager easily makes her place in readers’ hearts with her courage and subtle intuition. The friendship between Ian and Kyla and their unbreakable bond is both sweet and believable. Junior doesn’t get much space in the story, but he makes his presence known nonetheless. The narrative runs mostly at a leisurely pace, though it gets hampered with sudden introductions of new characters and informed backstory at times. However, it never loses its momentum. Starnes’s simple prose is accessible and his plot full of twists and turns as he establishes Ian’s complex world, successfully raising the stakes of the further books in the series. The cliffhanger finale is sure to have readers clamoring for the next installment. With its intriguing storyline and fine pacing, the book makes for an engrossing time-travel tale. YA readers (12+) will be rewarded.


Time Keeper

(Saving History Series Book 1)

By Robert Starnes

Buy now

Starnes Books LLC

Pub date August 24, 2018

ISBN 978-0692149591

Price $6.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.14 Kindle edition


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