Twisted Fairy Tales: Little Rude Riding Hood by Jo Franklin (Author), Chris Jevons (Illustrator)

twisted fairy tales little rude riding hood


Informative and engrossing…

Franklin brings a new twist on the classic fairy tale in this lovely story that uses a rude little girl’s example of how she faced unforeseen consequences because of her lack of manners as a pretext for teaching basic manners to children. With a complete disregard to people around her, the little Rude Riding Hood gets on everyone’s nerves. But what happens when she tries patience of the Big Bad Wolf who’s struggling with anger issues? The narrative flows smoothly, and Franklin’s prose is assessable. The book with it interesting theme, charming illustrations, and engrossing happenings will easily captures young children’s interest. When it comes to setting an example of the young protagonist’s rude behavior, Franklin seems to go overboard. Some young readers might wonder about the little girl going scot-free most of the time despite her ill manners. Nonetheless, the book is thoroughly enjoyable, and young children will be delighted to have it added to their bedtime shelves.


Twisted Fairy Tales: Little Rude Riding Hood

by Jo Franklin (Author), Chris Jevons (Illustrator)

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Arcturus Publishing

Pub date March 15, 2020

ISBN 9781839404092

Price $1.52 (USD)

Categories: Children's Fiction

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