Coliseum Arcanist (Frith Chronicles #3) by Shami Stovall


Not the one to be missed if you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan…

Stovall returns with another endlessly inventive plot as she continues the Frith Chronicles with this marvelous third installment. For Volke Savan and his fellow arcanists, the journey to the famous city of Thronehold becomes highly anticipatory after they learn of the Sovereign Dragon Tournament which involves hundreds of arcanists competing for fame and glory. But the rumors of the birth of the legendary world serpent brings dark forces to the city, forcing Frith arcanists to face the evil firsthand. Stovall effortlessly accomplishes plenty in the book without wasting much time on set-up. Old characters return, intriguing new characters make their entry, love interests unfold, and deep friendships are formed. There are plentiful of creepy characters and magic along with suspense and danger galore. The heartbreaking cliff-hanger finale will leave readers impatient for the next installment. Marvelously entertaining!

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.


Coliseum Arcanist

(Frith Chronicles #3)

by Shami Stovall

Buy now

Capital Station Books

Pub date February 17, 2020


Price $4.94 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.99 Paperback


Categories: Fantasy, YA

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