When I Walk Upon the Earth by Jacqueline Belle

when I walk upon the earth


A rich and ruminative collection…

In her exquisite, electrifying debut, a collection of eleven poems, Belle studies tiny, significant moments of life through her sense of acute observation, suggesting that to celebrate life, one must appreciate the smallest of moments. Belle lyrically define elusiveness of sadness as she writes “Sometimes Profound…/ other times, / it just /lingers.” “His Soulmate” is a taut exploration of loneliness. The mood is dark in “My Tea Cup,” but she easily moves to optimism in “Hope,” in which she contemplates what it means to keep one’s eyes open to possibilities. The hauntingly beautiful “When I Walk Upon the Earth,” the final poem in the collection, closes the book with a meditation on nostalgia: “When I walk upon the earth, /I leave traces, /I leave traces of my being.” Sublime and uplifting, the collection beautifully integrates life themes with a personal vision, establishing an immediate relationship to readers.


When I Walk Upon the Earth

by Jacqueline Belle

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Pub date November 28, 2019

ISBN 978-1712636060

Price $5.99 (USD) Paperback, $9.49 MP3


Categories: Poetry, Short Reviews

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