Hearts Eclipsed: A Beautiful Nightmare Companion Novella by L.C. Son

heart eclipsed


A beautifully written, gripping paranormal romance…

Son’s latest, a companion novella to her debut paranormal romance, offers the promise of a compelling world filled with dark secrets, deadly betrayals, haunting love, ardent passion, and vivid characters. Drawing on elements from Damina Nicaud’s paranormal world in A Beautiful Nightmare, the book takes readers on a darker journey with Jackson Nash and Dalcour Marchand narrating the story from their own perspective as betrayals and bloody contentions force both men to stand against darker forces. The first-person narrative (told alternatively from Jackson and Dalcour’s perspective) is evenly paced and thick with anticipation, revealing the protagonists’ backstories and unraveling intricate plotlines. Son’s captivating prose, sophisticated plotting, and thorough characterization, combined with unexpected plot twists, will fuel readers’ eagerness for the next installment in the series.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.


Hearts Eclipsed: A Beautiful Nightmare Companion Novella

by L.C. Son

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L.C. Son Books

Pub date November 30, 2019


Price $3.05 (USD) Kindle edition, $22.99 Paperback


Categories: Paranormal/Supernatural, Short Reviews

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