The Blues Cry For A Revolution by Rashaun J. Allen

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Intense and compelling…

Award-winning Poet, Writer, and Professor, Rashaun J. Allen returns with a gripping collection of poetry as he talks about racism in the twenty-first century America. Combining poetry and short prose, Allen’s poetics captures the racially charged interactions and the systemic oppression the black people (and brown people) have to go through in today’s American society. In “Brevity of a Black Boy,” it’s the color of skin that determines a person’s fate despite the circumstances. In “Prose to the Silent Conscious Man,” Allen ponders about the unfair systematic incarceration of black and brown people compared to white people. “Signs Your World Will End” tells the protagonist’s dream about a better future where racism doesn’t exist, immigrants are welcomed, and education comes without the shackles of financial burden. “Hours” is a short poem about solitary confinement, a barbaric practice in the American prison system and inspires both compassion and outrage. ‘But if I was able to choke racism then stomp it out like a fly, wouldn’t that break the internet?’ Allen writes in “Racism is a Thing” as he contemplates the definition of the word ‘racism’. In “Invisible Man,” Allen urges readers to take a deep look at ourselves and our society as he talks about not-so-accidental killings of innocent black men. Powerful, rigorous, and revealing, this outstanding collection conveys the emotional intensity of individual experiences with utmost precision while drawing a sharp, insightful critique of racism in the twenty-first century America. This intelligibly written, spirited work deserves to be read by a wide readership.

The Blues Cry For A Revolution

by Rashaun J. Allen

Royal Blue Publishing

Buy now (on pre order)

Pub date January 21, 2020

ISBN 9780983009672

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $9.99 eBook

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