Conduits: The Death of Jinx Jenkins by J. Ryan Sommers

conduits Death


A truly remarkable tale…

Sommers’s second book that starts with the suicidal death of Jinx Jenkins is an engrossing, whimsical drama—part superhero tale, part metaphysical speculation, and part satire. The people of the Green Valley are losing their life savings, their homes, their businesses to the all-powerful BigCorp—a company bent on consuming and laying waste to everything the Valley has to offer. But not everyone who lives in the Valley is oblivious to BigCorp’s sinister plan: there are superheroes in the attire of common people who pursue real change, impacting lives of hundreds of thousands without expecting anything in return. Sommers’s characters which seem like the dream-like projections of humanity’s muted fears and desires are both realistic and convincing: among them, an insane, righteous man who believes himself to be the savior of the people of the Valley, his sidekick who’s hopelessly in love with him despite his naive ways, an underdog turned vigilante with his team of trained dogs, the brilliant Pierre, a computer hacker who would go to any length for the right cause, the sinister top boss of BigCorp who would stop at nothing to gain power, and the cursed Jinx with his destitute life story. Peculiar events and unusual occurrences abound in the narrative, which is propelled by Sommers’s lyrical storytelling along with his excellent skill at creating byzantine. A solid tale of magical realism that successfully takes the reader into a surreal place where a true change is brought by confronting the evil. Lovers of serious literature will be delighted.


Conduits: The Death of Jinx Jenkins

by J. Ryan Sommers

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Transmundane Press, LLC

Pub date February 15, 2019


Price $5.08 (USD) Kindle edition, $11.99 Paperback



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