Molly The Beautiful Pig by Marilyn Ferrett

molly the pig


A charming, reflective picture book with a strong message…

Ferrett makes her debut with this engrossing, lively picture book about a young pig’s dilemma over the choice of her attire for a picnic day. Ferrett’s beautiful Molly, a lovable pig, is going to the picnic with her family, and picking a proper attire that includes a helmet is proving difficult as Molly’s beautiful, perky ears are best suitable for princess crowns and velvet bows only. Assurance from the cat does nothing until Elizabeth whispers a secret. A plan takes shape in Molly’s mind, but will it work? In this lively, engrossing story, Ferrett successfully conveys how quickly a little girl’s world can turn upside down, and at the same time she also shows how sensibility and being wise are sometimes more important than looking pretty. The story is timely and reflective without being cloying as Ferrett tackles the subject of Molly’s need to look beautiful (synonymous with a little girl’s eternal desire to look pretty all the time) skillfully and sympathetically with Molly emerging a wiser and sensible pig at the end. Molly as the protagonist shines, while the other characters are both warm and realistic. The book champions sensibility, and Ferrett’s light, witty treatment of the eternal subject of “beauty” makes this a thoughtful read for little girls. The striking, lively illustrations with their eye-popping colors and sweet goofiness will keep the young children busy while they read the story. This fun, gratifying tale should easily please young readers and make for a welcome addition to their bedside bookshelf.


Molly The Beautiful Pig

by Marilyn Ferrett

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Pub date November 15, 2016

ISBN 978-1460268308

Price $3.14 Paperback, $3.10 Kindle edition


Categories: Children's Fiction

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