Conduits: The Ballad of Jinx Jenkins by J. Ryan Sommers

conduits Ballad


A lyrically written, eloquent tale… an adventurous ride over a vast landscape of the imagination!

Sommer’s impressive debut dashes through a surreal valley as humans, ghosts, jinxes, gods, devils, heroes, and a pygmy Big Foot come together and form a remarkable tale. Green Valley County is home to many good people, but the legendry Jinx Jenkins’s panache to bestow bad luck on people around him proves to be the biggest menace for the townsfolk. Can the Green Valley inhabitants overcome Jinx’s curse? Sommers’s confident prose vividly evokes the whimsical and strange of Green Valley County and his fictional characters: the legendary Jinx with his flair for bequeathing bad luck to anyone who comes near him, Ya’hootie, the pygmy Big Foot, with his strangeness, Pierre, the boy genius, with his determination to keep the fact separate from the fiction, Elmore, the old film projector, with his devotion of old reels, Gregg, the bored station master, who after playing a part in the death of a woman finds himself, the street smart Puck with his sharp insights about people, and Derp with his strange fascination for fire. Sommers’s imagery makes the stories come alive in the reader’s mind while his ingenious plotting brings the stories of the novel’s varied characters together to tie all the loose ends. Seamlessly blending folklore with reality, fact with fantasy, bizarre with ordinary, and humor with tragedy, Sommer has created a tale that feels whimsical and true at once. Highly recommended to lovers of magical realism and literary fiction!


Conduits: The Ballad of Jinx Jenkins

by J. Ryan Sommers

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Transmundane Press, LLC

Pub date December 3, 2018


Price $5.12 (USD)


Categories: Fantasy

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