The Book of Moon: An Lour ihn G’ealach by K. Rose Quayle

the book of moon


A lyrically written, compelling novel…

Inspired by her own experience as a child and teenager growing up with a mental illness, Quayle’s beautiful novel follows the journey of a young análong who in search of discovering her family’s truth learns what it means to be human. Quayle uses symbolism to tell the story of the young Mi’hal’ē, who is different from all the other análong. She is forbidden from going Outside, but the key to her real identity lies there and to find the truth, Mi’hal’ē must go Outside and face her responsibilities. A compelling exploration of mental illnesses, the novel probes complex themes such as issues of self-worth, feelings of rejection and isolation, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts in children and teens along with the social stigma attached with mental illness. Quayle’s use of symbolism places her story in the realm of magical realism, while conveying strong message about the power of choice, inner strength, and love.


The Book of Moon: An Lour ihn G’ealach

by K. Rose Quayle

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Pub date October 25, 2019


Price $11.86 (USD) Kindle edition, $19.99 Paperback

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