The Riven Country of Senga Munro: A Novel (The Riven Country Series Book 1) by Renee Carrier

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A riveting debut…

In Carrier’s debut novel, the first in The Riven Country series, the old folks of rural Wyoming and magical realism color a tale of family tragedy, regret, resilience, and long-lasting friendships. It has been two decades since Senga Munro lost her nine-year-old daughter to a tragic accident, but the guilt still weighs heavy at her mind. With a quirky set of friends at her side and her use of her expertize in medicinal plants, Senga keeps herself busy but coming to terms with her personal grief is entirely other matter. Will Senga realize her true purpose in life? Carrier deftly uses the protagonist’s backstory to heighten the drama, and her prose is both crisp and engrossing. She juggles the shifts from the backstory to present-day time period and vice versa with the surety of an experienced author. Her characterization is top-notch: Senga’s resilience and strong will make her readers’ favorite immediately. Granny is at once intimidating and a darling. Gabe Belizaire, the bull rider from Louisiana with an M.F.A in Creative Writing; the grumpy Rufus and Caroline Strickland, the elderly ranching couple; the fiery Francesca Albinoni, Gabe’s Italian muse; and Joe Rafaela, the hardy Franciscan, all are thoroughly drafted characters. Carrier captures fascinating details of how rural folks use common herbs for medicinal purposes, and the touch of magical realism add to the intrigue of the story. The intriguing finale (as Carrier takes the reader back to ancient times) leaves the reader eager for the next installment. A thoroughly enjoyable literary tale!


The Riven Country of Senga Munro: A Novel

(The Riven Country Series Book 1)

by Renee Carrier

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Pub date December 1, 2019


Price $8.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $16 Paperback

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3 replies

  1. Renee is truly a gifted storyteller and in The Riven County of Senga Munro she brings you along on a tale that becomes personal to each reader in ways hard to explain.
    The characters are like old friends and relations, and you find yourself wondering what they are doing while you reading about someone else.
    Renee writes easily of emotions and frailties, guilt and forgiveness, happiness and grief.
    And oh yes, there is quite a story going on at the same time.
    A wonderful read, one you’re sorry to come to the end….but,
    It’s a series!
    Kevin Sweeney
    Pinehurst NC

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  1. "A Riveting Debut. . ." – renée carrier

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