Hap: The Prize Winning Horse by Horace Crenshaw

Hap the prize winning horse


Beautifully written, light-hearted read…

Set against a fascinating background, Crenshaw brings out mystique of horses and rustic simplicity of Mississippi life in his debut novella. After a tragic incident, Hap, the young horse, starts his training as a racehorse. It’s easy to race in country fairs and win, but competing in a professional tournament is entirely another thing. It’s up to Hap now to make his lifelong dream come true. Crenshaw explores a number of themes other than horse training: the redeeming power of resilience, positive attitude, determination and hard work and keeping faith in the face of difficulties. The scenes of horse training are at once genuinely fresh and informative. Crenshaw’s prose is simple, and his vivid descriptions of Kemper County in Mississippi are realistic, but it is the realization of one’s dream in the face of obstacles that stays at the heart of this lovely novella.


Hap: The Prize Winning Horse

by Horace Crenshaw

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Pub date November 8, 2019

ISBN 9781706782575

Price $7 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Children's Fiction, Short Reviews

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