Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen: The Body under the Piano by Marthe Jocelyn

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A mystery that’s both clever and engrossing…

Set in a small English town in 1902 and inspired by the imagined life of Agatha Christie as a child and her most popular creation, Hercule Poirot, Jocelyn’s delightful middle-grade mystery series debut features young detective Aggie Morton and her friend Hector Perot. 12-year-old Aggie Morton is a bright child with an insatiable curiosity and a penchant for finding trouble. When not-very-likable Mrs. Eversham is found dead, Aggie is the first one to find the body. With the help of her new friend Hector Perot, a young Belgian refugee, Aggie sets on to find the murderer. Jocelyn skillfully blends mystery and intrigue as the young detectives unravel shocking revelations. Aggie is likably flawed protagonist, and Hector is charmingly resourceful. Jocelyn’s narrative flows smoothly, her prose is crisp, and the charming old English town setting adds intrigue to the story. However, the writing style is better suited to serious readers. Chock full of fascinating characters and an intricate mystery, the book brilliantly introduces Agatha Christie to middle graders.


Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen: The Body under the Piano

by Marthe Jocelyn

Tundra Books

Pub date Feb 4, 2020

ISBN 9780735265462

Price $15.99 (USD)

Categories: Middle Grade

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