Postcards from the Future – A Triptych on Humanity’s End by Wendy Sura Thomson, Andrew Charles Lark, Donald Levin

postcards from the future


Definitely a must read…

Three innovative authors imagine the end of humanity in this deeply engrossing book. In the completely absorbing first story “Pollen,” Andrew Lark transports readers to a horrifying world where a strange atmospheric phenomenon has destroyed humankind’s ability to reproduce, bringing in the extinction of the species merely years away. Told from the view of multiple narrators, Lark’s excellent writing and acutely engrossing storyline immediately pull readers in and won’t let go until they finish the last page. Set in a bleak post-apocalyptic future, “The Bright and Darkened Lands of the Earth” by Donald Levin skillfully details a brave woman’s treacherous battles in order to save her tribe from annihilation. A bleak setting and descriptive prose usher readers into a fascinating post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the last remnants of humanity. Wendy Sura Thomson’s “Silo Six,” the gripping tale of love and survival is set into a far-future where the sun has begun its transformation into a red giant, scorching the earth into a virtually uninhabitable cinder. Although the humankind (the part of the underground civilization) is living in this pain free, perfectly ordered society, readers can perceive a forbidding sense of doom as Thomson aptly moves the story forward. Thomson’s slow revealing plot is constructed deftly, and her crisp prose keeps readers turning pages non-stop. All three authors seem to be at the top of their game, and the lovers of dystopian fiction will hate to miss this gem of a book.


Postcards from the Future – A Triptych on Humanity’s End

by Wendy Sura Thomson, Andrew Charles Lark, Donald Levin

Quitt and Quinn, Publishers

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Pub date October 2, 2019

ISBN 9781732848924

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.99 Kindle edition,

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