Stealing Thunder by Alina Boyden

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Raised to be the Crown Prince of Nizam, the most powerful kingdom in Daryastan, Razia Khan flees her abusive father’s palace to live on her own terms. Born with the soul of a woman, Razia joins the hijras of Bikampur and starts living her life as a courtesan and a thief. After meeting a handsome prince, the reminiscence of her old life begins to haunt her, and she decides to get the thunder zahhak, her beloved dragon, back — the one she raised from a hatchling but was forced to leave behind when she fled her father’s palace. Boyden tends toward over-the-top descriptions, and her setting has somewhat false vibes to it, but the suspense and non-stop action make for an engrossing read. A formulaic fantasy at heart, Stealing Thunder will please lovers of YA with its female kick-ass protagonist, action-packed battles, frightening dragons, shifting politics, and an interesting love story.


Stealing Thunder

by Alina Boyden


Pub date May 12, 2020

ISBN 9781984805461

Price $16.00 (USD)

Categories: YA

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