Book of Leo: Prequel to Mystical Trash by Mary Ramsey

the book of leo


An intricate, highly engrossing fantasy…

The lasting war between good and evil finds a new battlefield in Ramsey’s short novella, as she weaves the fascinating story of a young man on a relentless quest to bring balance to heaven and hell. Leonardo Riveria is a wanderer, a trucker, and a demon hunter. While trying to help one of his friends, he comes face to face with someone from his past, a person whom he left behind to follow his quest. Torn between regret and duty, Leo must make a choice fast or risk losing the one who matters most to him. Ramsey delivers a brilliantly imaginative tale that’s both darkly surreal and romantic as she explores various themes of love, loss, sacrifice, and morality. Thoroughly drawn characters, a fascinating setting, crisp prose, and engrossing narrative make this book a page-turner. Lovers of paranormal fiction and urban fantasy will be highly rewarded.


Book of Leo: Prequel to Mystical Trash

by Mary Ramsey

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Pub date June 21, 2019


Price $.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $4 Paperback


Categories: Short Reviews, Urban fantasy

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