The World According to François by Script by Zabus / Art by Collin

the world according to francis.png


A Magical tale…

The World According to François is a short graphic novel about the power of words and imagination as a young boy learns to trust his abilities and embraces his true self. Francois is an average ten-year-old with a big imagination, but his world changes one day after he realizes he has the magical power to command letters of the alphabet and make any book do his bidding. When an evil man seizes control of the letters of the alphabet, it’s up to Francois to restore balance to the secret world of authors. Francis with his kindness, intelligence, and vivid imagination is a richly drawn character. The suspense element stays in the background, and the action is plenty. A tighter editing could have worked wonders for the script as the story suffers from uneven pacing and tedious moments. Full of magic, this tale will appeal to young kids, nonetheless.


The World According to François

The Writers’ Secret

by Script by Zabus / Art by Collin

Europe Comics

Pub date October 16, 2019

ISBN 9791032809365

Price $5.99 (USD)

Categories: Children's Fiction, Graphic Novels

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