The psychiatrist who believed he was a wolf and other clinical episodes by Dr. Zak

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Full of sharp insights and unique tales…

In this intriguing, insightful work, psychiatrist Dr. Zak takes the reader to a series of psychiatry sessions with complex characters drawn from his real-life patients as he visits some of the most familiar psychological terrains. In subtle terms, he emphasizes the importance of finding the true meaning and purpose of life as an effective alternative to psychiatry drugs or other severe therapy for readdressing the self-destructive behavior of patients suffering from modern phobias and manias. Individual chatting sessions constitute the bulk of the book’s narrative as Dr. Zak takes a deglamorized look at common mental illnesses. The case studies of patients suffering from delusions and paranoia, which are designed to help the reader understand the underlying causes that result in the onset of symptoms in the first place (pertaining too much importance to one’s self, much emphasis on attaining worldly possessions, vanity, and lack of meaningful, loving relationships among others), are both unique and intriguing. Readers looking for a quick hand-down solution to finding the root cause of common mental illnesses will be disappointed though. Those who are willing to go deep and explore the underlying theme of the narrative will be able to enjoy the educated insights offered in the book. Dr. Zak’s anecdotes are compelling as he candidly shares his own mental health issues and finds answers to various questions from his sessions with many patients. The book’s eye-opening insights will greatly benefit individuals seeking underlying causes of typical mental illnesses.


The psychiatrist who believed he was a wolf and other clinical episodes

by Dr. Zak

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Pub date May 22, 2019


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