The Beach by Sarah Linley

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A formulaic light thriller…

Fresh out of university, when Holly and her three friends left for a backpacking trip to Thailand, they had no idea their life was going to change forever. After a horrible incident, the friends made a silent pact and decided to go their separate ways. Now a schoolteacher and in a new relationship, Holly is content in her life. But a series of anonymous messages shatter Holly’s sense of peace. Someone knows the truth and is ready to take revenge. The story drags initially, but the tension mount for Holly after the past secrets start coming to light. But the veteran thriller lovers will see the final twist coming halfway through, and the book’s languid pace barely helps. The plot is loosely assembled as Linley fails to tie some parts of the storyline entirely, and the characterization lacks depth. Readers looking for a swiftly paced serious psychological thriller will want to skip this one.


The Beach

by Sarah Linley

One More Chapter

Pub date February 21, 2010

ISBN 9780008368142

Price $9.99 (AUD)

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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