itty bits Vol. 2 by Eric Keegan

itty bits vol2.jpg


A joyous celebration of life’s tiny moments…

Keegan returns with this splendid sequence to itty bits vol. 1 as he blends quirky with inventive and unique. A short collection of poems and blurb, the book gives Keegan endless opportunities to reflect his thoughts on celebration of life as he hopscotches through short yet poignant moments (The world is full of so many half-smiles that they even invented an emoji for it… writes Keegan in “We’re Nearly There, Hold Tight”). “Daydreams Beneath the Flowers” conveys Keegan’s keen wit and clever thoughts as he humorously depicts a guy’s plight after marriage and kids. Keegan’s word choices are both inventive and witty as he conveys aftereffects of infatuation in “Send Lawyers, Guns, and a Restraining Order”. “Rook Took Snook Crook,” portrays a book lover’s addiction while humorous and clever “Many Hands Maintain a Home,” depicts the pleasures of a long relationship along with its tensions. In “Oddities of the Standard,” Keegan ponders on how being weird is the new normal. In “Can It really Be That Damn Important,” Keegan muses about phone addiction while driving. The simplest occurrence (a coffee addict’s glee at getting morning coffee) is turned into a profound moment in “Some Coffee for Your Book Table”. Most poems are written in a free verse style that suits their subtle reflective nature (“A is for Awesome”). Keegan’s unique blend of poetry will not only interest those more familiar with his earlier work but also readers looking for a short, gleeful collection of sardonic verses. A fabulous book!


Itty bits vol. 2

By Eric Keegan

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Pub date November 7, 2019


Price $.98 (USD) Kindle edition

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