Never Play Games with the Devil by Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

never play games with the devil.jpg

A candid meditation on relevant life concerns…
Drawing from everyday issues, Akinyemi’s thought-provoking collection interweaves the politics and social trajectory of today’s times with personal issues. In the first part, a series of short, lyrical poems list different shades of inner strength and encourage a fight for survival (“Finding my Feet”). “Broken Men,” examines much favored stereotypical male qualities; expected emotional stoicism in boys and how it affects them as adults. In the carefully tuned poems in the second part, Akinyemi slyly weaves in complex questions about democracy, corruption, and disintegration of social values (“Bad Governance”). The third part is an ode to the love and the trust in a relationship. “Sweet for Nothing” defines the essence of true love which is rooted in trust and honesty rather than sweet nothings while “Rebellious” celebrates strength of a strong woman. Readers will find Akinyemi’s reflections on significant life issues completely relevant, sharply logical, and deeply felt.

Never Play Games with the Devil

by Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

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The Roaring Lion Newcastle

Pub date September 8, 2019


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