Happy: Practical, Holistic, Simple Steps To Feeling Happy And Content by Leonid Altshuler M.D.


A highly informative guide to happiness that is full of fascinating theology and practical tips… A must read!

In this engrossing reflection on the happy state of mind, board-certified Psychiatrist Altshuler uses the Tibetan and Nepalese philosophy (of meditation and praying as a power to transform one’s mind) as a guide for attaining happiness. Exploring his personal journey, which narrates his years of misdiagnosis and sufferings and gradual recovery with regular meditation and a balanced diet, Altshuler asserts that Tibetan and Nepalese concept of transformation of mind through meditation and praying when combined with a balanced diet can be real antidote to the anxieties, fears, and general confusions that beset a person’s mental and physical wellness. He analyzes the connection between biochemistry of brain and a person’s ability to stay happy, demonstrating that the meditation on a daily basis encourages positivity, clarity, and concentration and have a transformative effect on one’s mind. He discusses several techniques of mediations throughout the narrative and asserts that by engaging with a particular meditation practice, a person can achieve a profoundly calm and energized state of mind leading to a new understanding of life and the ability to stay perpetually happy. He puts emphasis on taking holistic approaches to treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and dementia and offers a list of practices (relaxation method, the box, mirror method, and common sense as a therapy). Altshuler also discusses direct relation between increase of insulin level and onset of metabolic syndrome, a link between psychological stress and obesity, positive effects of a balanced diet, Nepalese meditation techniques of losing weight along with the role of intuition in a person’s mental wellbeing and trashing of negative entities. Besides the thoughtful Buddhist theology, Altshuler offers practical suggestions for how readers can learn proper techniques of meditation and modify their diet according to their physical symptoms. The book is divided into several sections, and each section is complete in itself, making the book a valuable resource guide for a person’s psychological wellbeing. Altshuler’s writing is highly accessible, the pacing smooth, and the narrative engrossing. By following the Tibetan and Nepalese concepts and sharing his own journey and professional experience as a psychiatrist, Altshuler makes the concept of transformation of mind with meditation and praying accessible to all his readers. This reflective guide of attaining true happiness by following holistic techniques is highly worthwhile for any reader. A keeper that should find its way easily on both readers and non-readers’ shelves.

Happy: Practical, Holistic, Simple Steps To Feeling Happy And Content

by Leonid Altshuler M.D.

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Pub date October 31, 2019


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