Shadow on the Throne (Creator Series Book 1) by M. JAY

shadow on the throne


Double-dealings, dangerous trials, shifting loyalties, and budding friendships mark this debut installment of the fantasy series…

In Jay’s debut installment in the Creator series, warriors from different paths come together and follow the perilous steps that destiny has arranged for them—even though they know that they can end up destroying everything. People from different paths in life—Harnio, a genius who can do wonders with his mind, be it the formation of clouds or making a deadly weapon; Star, a fiery girl who has nothing but revenge in her mind; Mouse, once a street thug: now a man on a mission; Stannir, a fire-eater who came to Athlos to become a member of the guard force of the Supreme and has no idea he could control fire and create chaos; and Drummen, an apprentice of a ruthless lord and manipulator of sand, are pushed to travel the same path after a series of unusual events change their destinies permanently. Jay starts the novel at a leisurely note, as his large cast of characters takes time to realize their true potential and embark on their treacherous journey. This slows the plot slightly, but the story mostly moves at a smooth pace. Readers will come to like Jay’s quirky cast of characters as they mourn their personal losses while, frantically trying to master their respective skills to fulfill their motives. It’s Stannir who gets the worst trials as he jumps from crisis to crisis. His failure to see behind others’ devious facades throws him into a series of horrible situations. Harnio is easy to like despite his relentless doubts about his own abilities and his inability to make friends. Star will become the reader’s favorite with her fiery and resolute persona. Mouse is a darling, while Drummen makes the reader root for him despite his reservations about taking any kind of responsibility. The first third of the book deals with the protagonists’ journey of mastering their skills while the conflict in the story arises only toward the end, making it a bit of slow read. It will be interesting to see the backstabbing forces at work as power and politics play a major role in the lives of the chosen warriors in the next installment of the series. With its carefully crafted cast of characters, shocking final revelation, and intriguing storyline, this book makes for an interesting first installment in the upcoming series.


Shadow on the Throne

(Creator Series Book 1)

by M. JAY


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Pub date September 20, 2019


Price $5.04 (USD)

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