Hypertension? Blood Sugar? Depression?: How I Cured Them All by Leonid Altshuler M.D.

hypertension, blood sugar, how i cured them all


Highly accessible, well-researched, and beautifully written guide to good health…

Dr. Leonid Altshuler M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist and author of several books, covers a well-trodden yet a refreshing ground in this well-written, reflective guide to good health. Altshuler who grew up in Russia, suffered from anxiety for years (as well as from insomnia, digesting problems, and high blood pressure) and here explores the innate connection between stress, diet, and physical and mental illnesses. Taking cues from his patients in a remote fishing village in Northern Russia—where the locals lived off eating only seal meat, fish, and fat (and tiny berries for two weeks during spring) and never suffered from any physical or mental alimentsAltshuler directs readers on how to make changes in their diet and cure regular physical and mental aliments. Altshuler also addresses many recent discoveries in brain research, which explain the major causes of today’s depression epidemic: providing insight on the scientific concept of a correlation between reduced stress and production of serotonin and dopamine, he offers guidance on how readers can use mediation to find contentment and starve off stress-related physical and mental illnesses. Focusing on both his personal experience and professional insights as a psychiatrist, Altshuler provides a comprehensive guide that is practical, easy to follow, and highly effective: his week-by-week guide to meditation, in addition to being resonant practically which can be easily incorporated into everyday life, will also motivate readers to change their perspective about psychological wellness. The assertion that people definitely have some sort of control over their mental and physical wellness (high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, blood sugar regulation etc.)will be an inspiration to those who have believed any kind of holistic approach is a waste of time. His focus on the contentment and the achievement of self-awareness created by regular meditation will make this accessible guide great for both a thorough study and a casual perusal. He offers simple tricks and practices throughout the book to reduce anxiety and achieve a constant state of self-awareness; getting rid of cellphones, computers, and other electric gadgets, taking long walks, meditating regularly, relying more on one’s intuition, and an alternate diet among others. Altshuler’s writing is gracefully simple, his prose highly accessible, and the narrative flows smoothly, keeping the reader turn pages fast. Beautifully written and filled with easy-to-do asides, this hands-on book will appeal to readers at any stage of their life or career. Definitely recommended!


Hypertension? Blood Sugar? Depression?: How I Cured Them All

by Leonid Altshuler M.D.

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Pub date March 23, 2018

ISBN 978-1732129108

Price $12.99 (USD)


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