Bright Lights (3 books) by Michelle Alstead



A sure bet for lovers of contemporary romance…

With her skill at depicting profound emotions and strong characters, Alstead returns with this highly engrossing series that’s sure to tug at readers’ heartstrings. ‘In One Last try,’ Jane Caulfield, an oncologist, returns to her grandmother’s Iowa farm to seek a new path in her life after a difficult phase in her personal and professional life and meets Jag Winchester, a successful movie actor with an unremarkable career, who is going through a personal crisis of his own. As they fall in love, painful secrets come to surface and threaten to destroy their relationship. Alstead brilliantly balances the sadness of a potentially fatal illness with the heartwarming bonds of family and true love, and the combination is sure to make readers’ hearts swell. In ‘The First sunset’ Betsy Anstead, a newly divorced single mother, falls hard for Gage Mendoza, a handsome widower and Minor League baseball coach. But circumstances are not in the couple’s favor as Betsy is forced to fight a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband while Gage has his eyes set on a dream coaching position. Betsy and Gage are rich, engaging, thoroughly sketched characters, and Alstead’s writing shines. ‘Dance Me Home.’ another one in Bright Lights series which can be read as a standalone, possesses all of Alstead’s trademarks—thoroughly sketched characters, assured writing, crisp prose, gripping plotting, and profound emotions. Lovely Adrianna, a ballerina nearing the end of her career, arrives in Ohio to heal from an injury and falls for handsome Drew Mendoza, a lawyer, haunted by his past. But when it’s time to pick between her career and her love, Adrianna is unable to decide. The way Alstead’s main protagonists’ feelings toward each other evolve while they navigate through their personal insecurities, fears and past demons, is marvelously developed, and the relationships that eventually develop between them seem gentle yet bursting with hope. Alstead gives tremendous depth to her characters, making the books more than your average stereotypical romance reads. With its diverse cast, stellar writing, and excellent plotting, this contemporary romance series has broad appeal, and it will please lovers of both contemporary romance and women’s fiction. Readers can go ahead and pluck this series off the shelves in a heartbeat. They won’t be disappointed!


Bright Lights (3 books)

by Michelle Alstead


One Last Try

(Bright Lights #1)

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Arthur’s Publishing House

Pub date January 23, 2018


Price $1.01 (USD)


Dance Me Home

(Bright Lights)

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Arthur’s Publishing House

Pub date October 18, 2019


Price $0.00 (USD)


The First Sunset

(Bright Lights #3)

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Arthur’s Publishing House

Pub date September 9, 2019


Price $1.01 (USD)

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