Distant Rumors: 16 Stories of Life and Death by William Gensburger



An elegant, memorable collection…

Set in present day, distant future, and alternate reality, this short story collection by Gensburger focuses on the familiar themes of life and death. Beginning with commonplace themes, Gensburger skillfully sprinkles oddities, leading to a higher structure of splendid strangeness in each story. In “Just A Little Death,” the protagonist is forced to revisit the haunting memory of his own past after a tragedy befalls a student. In “On Deck,” a man’s past heartbreaks refrain him from getting in a new relationship. “The First and Final Thing” is a heartening tale of finding love in unexpected circumstances while “A Limited Point of View” chronicles the slow crumbling of a hard-working executive’s morality as he moves toward the top level at his work. With his ability to transform the commonplace into the extraordinary, Gensburger delivers a sophisticated collection that will stay with the reader for long.


Distant Rumors: 16 Stories of Life and Death

by William Gensburger

Alt Publish

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Pub date June 21, 2019

ISBN 978-0997722796

Price $12.99 (USD)


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