Hades’ Star: Hostile Takeover by Doug Wallace

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An exquisitely written, high-octane, extremely gripping space drama that’s clever in every way…

Fans of action-packed, hard-core science fiction will revel in this well-written, intricate, and imaginative novel by Wallace. Inspired by the multi-player online game of the same name developed by Parallel Space Inc., the novel is set in a future where humans are on their way to find galaxies other than Milky Way. A crack team of corporate marines under the command of the newly promoted Commander Paul Johnson make it to the Hades Galaxy, a strange place millions of light years away from Earth where stars erupt at a moment’s notice, planets crumble like glass, and the laws of physics push the limits of the impossible. But it’s also a place of unlimited resources. As colonists follow and inhibit the newly found galaxy with large corporations of Earth in a rat race to get their stakes in plenty of its resources, Commander Johnson and his team realize mysterious alien forces have conspired to keep the human visitors trapped with no hope of ever returning home. It’s up to Commander Johnson and his team to find a way back home. The heart-pounding battles against the faceless alien forces are filled with high action, and Wallace’s explorations of intriguing alien worlds besieged with high tech equipment displays his deft hand at portraying hard-core science with accessibility and ease. The dialogue is razor sharp, the pace swift, the prose top notch, and the characterization thoroughly done. Readers will enjoy the burgeoning friendship between Johnson and Djordi, Jimenez’s quick schemes to infiltrate the secrets of the alien artifacts, the romantic entanglements of protagonists, and the Icarus’s crew’s fight to survive against mounting odds in various situations. With an eye for detail and engaging voice, Wallace conveys heaps of backstory for his protagonist without slowing down the narrative. The lurking presence of mysterious alien forces in the background makes for a menacing enemy, the quotes at the beginning of each chapter add to the intrigue of the story, and heart-pounding action sequences designed to please science fiction fans are sprinkled throughout the narrative. The highly suspenseful, cliff-hanger finale will make the reader desperately wait for the next installment. Brilliantly interweaving nitty gritty of high-tech and quantum physics technology with a fast-paced space drama, this novel effortlessly keeps the reader turn pages fast. A well-written, high-action, fast-paced space adventure that aficionados of hard-core science fiction wouldn’t want to miss.


Hades’ Star: Hostile Takeover

by Doug Wallace

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Pub date September 24, 2019

ISBN 9781695463301

Price $11.99 (USD)

Categories: Science Fiction

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