The Masterpiece (The Shadow I Cast Book 1) by Chiemeka Nicely

The Masterpiece


A brilliant debut to a promising series…

Nicely blends fantasy with the contemporary in this intriguing first book in The Shadow I Cast series. 17-year-old Calista, the Supreme Warrior and princess of the First Dynasty, arrives in Kimarr to fulfill a dangerous assignment and gets kidnapped by a Custodian who believes she is the one to awaken the Legend of Bluka: the epitome of true power. When Calista tries to resist the temptations of this new world, she is pulled even deeper into the intrigues of the last Civil war, trying to unravel the lies that could reveal the truth behind the disappearance of the Sixth Dynasty and change her own destiny. Readers who have read Nicely’s Innocence Tainted will glimpse shades of Oralia in Princess Calista (the latter is equally intriguing character with her occasional shades of darkness). Nicely writes effortlessly and passionately about both human emotions and fantasy elements, and her characters remain highly intriguing and humane. Nicely’s worldbuilding is excellent and her prose moving as she creates a deeply immersive story of twisted fate, treachery, secrets, lies, and shifting loyalties. Though narrative shift abruptly from reality to a dreamlike state at times, causing confusion in readers’ minds, Nicely’s skill at depicting profound emotions and her ability to portray the dark and the twisted make up for any inconsistencies. The surprising finale will leave the reader eagerly wait for the next installment. Fascinating, imaginative, and intriguing, the book will appeal greatly to fans of dark urbane fantasy.


The Masterpiece

(The shadow I cast Book 1)

by Chiemeka Nicely

Nicely Publishing

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Pub date July 5, 2018

ISBN 9781999608118

Price $10.54 (USD)


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