Descending Into Darkness by Alainna MacPherson

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An engrossing dark romance…

An ancient race struggle to escape clutches of slavery in this fast-paced, intriguing story of rebellion, bravery, and romance, the first in the Descending series from MacPherson. Walking back from work one night, Jessandra is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger and learns of her powerful lineage and dormant powers which can help free an ancient race from thousands of years old slavery. Determined to help Fallon and his people, Jessandra is unaware of the danger lurking ahead. The beginning of the book (the kidnapping part) could have used more details, but MacPherson’s crisp prose and gripping narrative quickly get the reader invested in the story. A horde of appealing characters, sensuous romance, and interesting setting (an intriguing mixture of contemporary and ancient) provide the perfect backdrop for this dark tale. Fans of paranormal romance will be pleased.


Descending Into Darkness

Descending (Book 1)

by Alainna MacPherson

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Pub date September 12, 2019

ISBN 9781692564353

Price $7.99 (USD)


Categories: romance fantasy, Short Reviews

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