itty bits vol. 1 By Eric Keegan

itty bitty vol 1


Playful, ingenious and subtly mischievous… A beautiful collection!

Keegan returns with a splendidly fresh and delightfully readable short collection of poetry, blurbs, and dialogue. Full of wry humor, whacky situations, gleeful thoughts, and sardonic moments, the poems are humorously cynical and capture the small, memorable moments in life. “Needed Space, or the Furry Trace?” is cleverly witty with a hefty dose of sarcasm while “Modern Socializing” hilariously summarizes the essence of communication in today’s strictly-social-media-socializing times. “Real Life” cleverly captures a tragedy whereas “My Little” is sweetly sentimental and will stay with the reader for long. “He Cooks and Cleans” comically deals with the theme of gender reversal role in today’s time. In “Band Together” the weirdness helps bring people together. Keegan’s ability to see ‘the serious’ and ‘the tragic’ of life from a brighter perspective gives this collection a lighter, fresh tenor.


itty bits vol. 1

By Eric Keegan

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Pub date September 27, 2019


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Categories: Poetry, Short Reviews

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