Plants Are Terrible People by Luke Ruggenberg

plants are terrible people


An offbeat, hilarious journey…

Ruggenberg takes the reader on this comical, heartfelt journey through the strangest gardens in which some of the most serious gardeners experience riotous mishaps while minding their roses, geraniums, tomatoes, and cabbages. There are thousands of different flowers, bushes, and veggies: from common varieties to heirlooms to hybrids and equal numbers of soil types. Now add endless variation in climatic zones to those, and that makes for a ceaseless number of calculations to make to get the most from your garden patch. No wonder, Ruggenberg’s plant guys suffer hysterical misadventures while trying to grow their perfect gardens in their backyards. Original in its concept and hilarious in execution, Ruggenberg goes on to write with authority and wit as he covers everything from undesired weeds and undead conifers to a perfect, extra-large rutabaga (it’s called Kevin) and never fails to entertain. Ruggenberg’s prose is conversational, his characters quirky, and his comedic timing spot on. The narrative is full of sidesplitting funny (and absurd) stories, and Ruggenberg’s raw enthusiasm combined with his experience as a professional horticulturist make these thoroughly convincing. Thumbing through these pages, the reader also comes across the best ideas on how to grow a perfect garden; a garden not only needs time, skill, and toil to grow to perfection but also passion and imagination. The horticulturally savvy would gobble up this riotous journey of sidesplitting mischiefs and strangest gardening misfortunes in a jiffy. A brisk, page-turning entertainment for plant lovers!


Plants Are Terrible People

by Luke Ruggenberg

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Pub date July 30, 2019

ISBN 9781095576250

Price $13.99 (USD)


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