Waterdown by Anastasia Slabucho



A thought-provoking sci-fi story that is as engrossing as it’s intriguing…

In this engrossing science fiction tale set in a far future, Slabucho takes the reader to a period in which technology has taken control of humanity, depriving humans of memories, decision-making, and average human emotions. It is 2135. Fusion AI, the superintelligence, has taken over the world which is divided into two groups; Permanents are immortal who live solitary but privileged lives and are capable of possessing memories; and Temporals are normal humans, whose minds are watered down to lose human memories, wants, and wishes. Cast out by Fusion A.I., her own creation, and faced with mortality, Geo Spears sets on to correct her wrongdoings. But time is of essence here, and the enemy is a supercomputer who is difficult to manipulate. Skillfully blending plot and setting, Slabucho develops her technology-ruled culture in intriguing detail as she movingly captures her human protagonists’ profound emptiness. Shifting between a realistic depiction of a technology-ruled far-future (with the exploration of the moral and political implications of too-advanced technological innovations) and normal humans-ruled Earth (portions of this part are presented as Geo’s old memories of her sister and parents), Slabucho expertly contrasts humanity with technology, callousness with sentimentality, and tyranny with freedom and delves brilliantly into what it means to let artificial intelligence takes over. Building steadily to a turning-point climax, the ending leaves scope for a follow up installment. Equal part intriguing and unsettling, this reflective tale will please every science fiction fan.



by Anastasia Slabucho

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Pub date September 23, 2019

ISBN 9781693022074

Price $6.90 (USD)

Categories: Science Fiction

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