The American Epoch: Rebellion Against Man by Giovanni Soriano

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An impressive historical and philosophical analysis of American history and culture…

In this loose sequel to The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age, Soriano delivers a fascinating look at twentieth century American history and culture at the most fundamental level in which they are shaped. He ventures beyond politics and economics and brazenly contends that the continuing invasion of socialist thinking, not only in politics or economics but in the whole array of cultural evolutions, has contributed greatly to the demise of traditional Western paradigms. He argues that the economic, cultural, political, moral, technological, and psychological transformations that the world has gone through(under American influence) in the second decade of the new millennium have created a period of confusion. He grounds his arguments in portraits of twenty-century Anglo-American class division, psychological history of gun possession and random mass murders in America, and the effect of electronic media among others. Soriano’s arguments will raise eyebrows but ring true in context despite his rigid criticism shading (at times) into cynicism. With its scholarly arguments, Soriano’s cutting analysis touch complex mainstream themes of racism, fascism among others and make for a timely, frank discussion. With Soriano’s conversational, accessible prose, the book is easy to read. The inclusion of ninety stunning rare images add to the intrigue of the narrative. With its arguments rooted in philosophy and history rather than in politics accompanied by Soriano’s first-class writing, this volume will easily impress readers seeking to break out of their sociopolitical comfort zones.

The American Epoch: Rebellion Against Man

by Giovanni Soriano

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Pub date September 6, 2019


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