The Playboy Next Door by Sandra A. Sigfusson

the playboy next door.jpg


Provocative sexual tension, red-hot love scenes, and funny dialogue combine into an engrossing tale…

When Rachel moves into her new house, she tries to resist her next-door neighbor’s advances. But Brandon eases his way into Rachel’s life and the duo grows closer. With Rachel’s toxic boyfriend still in the picture, Brandon has to clear many hurdles before he could claim Rachel as his own. This erotic romance, although, starts off with the seemingly self-absorbed and too good-looking protagonists quickly getting under each other’s skin, it quickly evolves into a sweet, witty romantic tale full of surprising twists that lovers of sensual romance will find hard to put down. Sigfusson’s characterization is great; While Brandon is a charmer, it’s Rachel’s hardheadedness that moves the pair’s love story forward. The couple’s sexual chemistry is immediate and intense. Readers will be charmed by this fresh, funny romance full of genuine emotion.


The Playboy Next Door

by Sandra A. Sigfusson

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Pub date September 29, 2019

ISBN 9781696296588

Price $10.17 (USD)


Categories: romance, Short Reviews

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