After the Fall: A Prequel to The Chaos Series by Jim Hamilton

After the Fall.jpg


An intelligent, vividly imagined novel…

With a backstory featuring the visionary Herreld Vale, Hamilton, in this second prequel to The Chaos series, chronicles the tale of Shoomar’s reconstruction over the course of thousand years. Shoomar is dying. After the space ship New Hope leaves for New Haven, Dr. Karll Landdren initiates The Sanctuary Project to save the Shoomaran race from extinction. Hamilton’s skill as a storyteller is deft; He spins various ingenious scenarios that are both illuminating and fascinating as Shoomar’s rebuilding draws near its end. The almost villainous Dr. Karll Landdren and Herreld Vale come out as more humane, and several other characters from the earlier books also make an appearance. The novel is loaded with plenty of hard core scientific and technical details, but Hamilton’s accessible prose is wholly engaging, making the book thoroughly engrossing. A combination of informative scientific details and intriguing storyline, the series should appeal to sci-fi aficionados and readers concerned with the environmental wellbeing of Earth.


After the Fall: A Prequel to The Chaos Series

by Jim Hamilton

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Pub date September 19, 2019


Price $1.98 (USD)

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