TWO ONE FIVE by Jeff Jaskolka

two one five.jpg

A poignant portrayal of a young man’s journey toward happiness…

In this fine memoir, Jaskolka recounts his teenager and adult years as a white Caucasian male in a predominantly African-American area in the harsh city streets of Philadelphia, PA, as he faces harsh criticism for indulging in interracial dating. Jaskolka’s confession is well written and candid as he talks about his alcohol dependency, his delicate mental state prone to severe breakdowns, his attraction toward African-American girls, and his conversion to Islam. Filled with both boyhood adventures and heart wrenching moments, the memoir captures the struggles of a young man dealing with constant mental health issues while trying to find his place in the world. In revealing prose, Jaskolka tells a bittersweet story of perseverance that will inspire any youth struggling with mental health issues.



by Jeff Jaskolka

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Pub date September 20, 2019

ISBN 9781513651538

Price $9.99 (USD)


Categories: Non Fiction, Short Reviews

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