THE WRONG SIDE OF PARADISE: A Top Secret Presidential Novel by Mike Shellenbergar

wrong side of paradise


Complex, pulse-pounding action thriller that begins with a blast and never slows…

Mike Shellenbergar returns in this fine third installment in the Top Secret Presidential series with the trio; Hawk, Cowboy, and Liz. Hawk is barely back to his camper near the town of Frisco after uncovering a plot to assassinate the president when he is assigned to kidnap and bring Alexi Vasily Volkov — the Russian involved in the assassination plan in France who is now helping North Vietnam and the Vietcong to ship food and equipment from Cambodia to south Vietnam — to CIA’s facility for interrogation. But after Cowboy, Hawk, and Liz lands in Cambodia to carry on their assignment, two high-profile kidnappings within a short span raise the ante. The trio finds themselves against not only Volkov but also two highly dangerous women assassinators who will stop at nothing to achieve their sinister motive. Shellenbergar delicately deepens the complexities of Hawk’s personality, making him an ever more convincing hero; the usually broody, brusque Hawk is a bit more open as Shellenbergar probes the convoluted tangle of PTSD that weighs heavily on Hawk’s mind. Cowboy is a darling as usual. The deep bond of friendship that Hawk shared with Cowboy deepens further in this installment. The reader will be delighted to witness the cozy, warm friendship and the easy banter between Liz and the boys. Captain Jack Mason reveals himself to be a true antagonist, making readers eager to watch things unfold in the future installment. A strong sense of place and the trio’s easy camaraderie add a boost to the fast-moving plot twists. The prose accentuates the plot, and the novel’s swift pacing, escalating threats and ceaseless complications will appeal to the fans of high-action, conspiracy thrillers. Shellenbergar has a gift for sustaining momentum that never slows down, and this complex story set in multiple international locations delivers all the excitement of an intelligent action thriller. The action moves at top speed and builds to a highly satisfying finale. With two antagonists alive and consumed by revenge, the next installment in the series will be eagerly anticipated. This third book is a great standalone if you’ve not yet read the earlier books in the series, but reading the series in order will enhance reading pleasure. Highly recommended as entertaining action thriller, this hard-boiled delivery is the best entry in the series so far.



A Top Secret Presidential Novel

by Mike Shellenbergar

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Pub date September 24, 2019


Price $2.99

Categories: Action and Thrillers

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