A Spell of Murder (A Lost Maidens Loch Mystery Book 1) by Kennedy Kerr

a spell of murder.png


A delightful cozy mystery…

Kennedy Kerr takes the reader on a journey to a sleepy town in Scotland where the village witch helps police with the investigation of a murder in the first installment of A Lost Maidens Loch Mystery series. A teacher is found murdered in the small town of Lost Maidens Loch and antique dealer, spiritualist, and village witch Temerity Love gets drawn into the murder investigation along with the local police constable Angus Harley. As the pair wades through lies, deceptions, and hidden secrets, the killer is ready to strike again. Kerr vividly portrays convincing setting of a small Scottish town and his skillful characterization makes readers thoroughly invested in their lives. Temerity’s quirky ways will make the reader root for her while the grumpy Angus is adorable in an irritating sort of way. The romantic tension between the duo is welcoming. Fans of cozy mysteries will be delighted.


A Spell of Murder

(A Lost Maidens Loch Mystery Book 1)

by Kennedy Kerr


Pub date October 3, 2019

ISBN 9781838880958

PRICE £0.99 (GBP)

Categories: Mystery

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