Magpie by Sophie Draper



Dark and engrossing…

Draper’s dark psychological thriller takes the reader on a suspenseful journey as a woman sifts through the lies and deceits of her broken marriage to learns about her missing eighteen-year-old son. Claire is trying to unravel the truth of her two-decade long marriage while hiding in an isolated cottage from her husband Duncan after their divorce. But what were the events that led up to their divorce? How did Claire find herself in a such a fateful situation? The answers to those questions are slowly revealed to readers as Claire scrutinizes two decades of lies and deceptions in her marriage. Draper expertly lays the novel’s foundation as she explores the couple’s doomed relationship through ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenario of their lives. Draper’s characters are flawed as they struggle with the consequences of their own poor choices. The culmination not only pulls together the plot’s various threads but also leaves the reader wishes for more from the author.



by Sophie Draper


Pub Date 28 Nov 2019

ISBN 9780008311322

PRICE $9.99 (AUD)


Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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