The Last Wife by Nicola Marsh

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Marsh takes the reader on a thrilling journey in her latest as one woman unravels a family’s lies, deceptions, and hidden secrets. It’s been five years since Ria’s husband Grayson Parker walked out on her and their daughter Shelley. Now working as a journalist, Ria comes across Parker family’s buried secrets and as strange accidents begin to happen, it becomes clear that the Parkers have an enemy who want to destroy them at any cost. Trying to save the reputation of her ex in-laws’ family, Ria discovers some shocking secrets and must do everything in her power to save her own daughter from a terrible fate. Marsh’s prose lacks depth and the narrative drags at times. But the suspense element is strong as tension continues to rise with shocking secrets unraveling one by one. Marsh’s characterization disappoints as the reader fails to connect with any of the characters, including the protagonists. Yet what makes this novel engaging is Marsh’s ability to instill her story with a horde of twists, as well as a healthy dose of suspense. The book will appeal to fans of light domestic thrillers.


The Last Wife

by Nicola Marsh


Pub date October 11, 2019

ISBN 9781838880514

PRICE £1.99 (GBP)


Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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