Nessie Quest by Melissa Savage

nessie quest.jpg

A fun-filled adventure…

Ada Ru is excited to go to Disney World for her upcoming summer vacations before the beginning of grade six in Denver when her father relocates the family to Fort Augustus, a small town in Scotland for a summer teaching position. Ada befriends Hammy Bean, captain of the Nessie Quest Monster Chaser boat tour, and Dax Cady, an American guitarist, and the trio sets on to find conclusive evidence of the existence of the monster which is rumored to be residing in a nearby lake in Fort Augustus. Sprinkled with sly wit and Scottish dialect, the prose is crisp and the narrative swiftly paced. Savage’s characterization is thorough and the plotting skilled as she explores various complex themes: family bonds, lasting friendships, trust, and drug addictions. Savage’s atmospheric setting of a Scottish town and the rollicking adventures of the Nessie Race will keep readers turning pages fast.


Nessie Quest

by Melissa Savage

Crown Books

Pub Date 14 Jan 2020

ISBN 9780525645672

PRICE $16.99 (USD)

Categories: Children's Fiction

Tags: , , , , , ,

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