The Hadley Academy for the Improbably Gifted by Conor Grennan

the hadley academy.png


An entertainer but with a dull start…

During a class presentation, the eighth grader Jack Carlson finds himself transported to the Hadley Academy, a secret institution that tracks teens with unlikely gifts and trains them to protect the world from dark forces. Clueless about his special powers, Jack is teamed up with other teens and forced to fight a squad of deadly killers and save the world from approaching darkness. The book starts on a slow note and the various threads of the storyline stay scattered, making the narrative quite tedious. Jack as a protagonist fails to impress and other characters are everyday run-of-the-mill type. Despite a dull start, the story picks up speed around halfway with high action battle scene sequences and a frenzy of twists and turns. The illustrious that accompany the text are pleasing to eyes. The cliffhanger finale leaves scope for another installment with the same team. The dull first half will test readers’ patience, but the book is an entertaining read on the whole.


The Hadley Academy for the Improbably Gifted

by Conor Grennan

Thomas Nelson

Pub Date 08 Oct 2019

ISBN 9781400215348

PRICE $16.99 (USD)

Categories: YA

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