Dominion of the Star (Descendants of the Fallen Book 1) by Angelica Clyman

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An assured start to a promising series…

An unknown force with a strange pull compels Kayla Steelryn to leave the shelter of her isolated village and venture into an unfamiliar territory where truth is difficult to separate from lies and betrayal can come wearing masque of love and friendship. Torn between two people she loves and trying to unleash her hidden powers; Kayla is facing an enemy who wants to use an approaching catastrophe for his own sinister agenda. Clyman handles intimate emotions with confidence, and her characterization is thorough. With her exploration of conflicting nature of love against the backdrop of a pre and-post-apocalyptic world (with a hefty dose of fantasy element), Clyman’s book excels as both a young adult romance and an apocalyptic fantasy. With its tight plotting and evocative worldbuilding, the novel makes for a gripping, satisfying page-turner.

Dominion of the Star

(Descendants of the Fallen Book 1)

by Angelica Clyman

Indie Angel Books

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Pub date July 14, 2015

ISBN 9780692476345

Price $16.79 (USD)

Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my book with such insight and care! ❤

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