The Other Wife by Claire McGowan

the other wife.png


A lightly written thriller with a hefty dose of lies, infidelity, greed, and revenge…

Pregnant, scared, and living in a scheduled cottage, Suzi is glad to have a friend when Nora moves next door. But there is more to Nora than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Elle has a perfect life until her husband cheats on her. When the three women’s paths collide, shocking secrets come to surface, changing their lives forever. A bit too heavy on foreshadowing, the suspense element becomes irritable at times, but McGowan’s hefty dose of plot twists and her ability to bring everything together toward the ending make this book highly enjoyable. McGowan’s characters lack depth, and her prose is ordinary, but considering the novel is specifically written to please fans of fast-paced formulaic domestic thrillers, it doesn’t disappoint. Readers who enjoy their thrillers with a heavy dose of suspense are going to be happy with this one.


The Other Wife

by Claire McGowan

Amazon Publishing UK

Pub date October 24, 2019

ISBN 9781542093156

PRICE £8.99 (GBP)

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

Tags: , , , , , , ,

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