The Prized Girl by Amy K. Green

the prized girl.jpg


A suspenseful Psychological thriller…

In this engrossing but somewhat derivative debut by Amy K. Green, a sister searches for her half-sister’s killer. After Jenny, a young pageant queen, is found murdered, all the clues lead to a single suspect; an older man who may have gotten too close for comfort. But Jenny’s half-sister Virginia has her own doubts about the suspect’s guilt. As she takes matter in her own hands to find Jenny’s murderer, shocking secrets come to light that threaten to destroy many lives. The narrative is told from Jenny and Virginia’s perspectives and alternates between past (Jenny’s final days) and present (Virginia’s current days). The pacing is fast and Green’s prose crisp. There are a number of suspects as Virginia begins her inquiries and Green does an excellent job intensifying the suspense, but the revelations fall flat, disappointing the reader.


The Prized Girl

by Amy K. Green


Pub Date 14 Jan 2020

ISBN 9781524745103

PRICE $26.00 (USD)

Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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