Kondo & Kezumi Visit Giant Island by David Goodner

kondo & kezumi.png


A delightful adventure…

When Kezumi, the tiny adventurous islander, finds a map in a bottle, she decides to take a trip and explore the world. But her best friend Kondo is not convinced. After much persuasion, Kondo gives in and the duo sets sail to travel around the world. With a simple yet effective prose and matter-of-fact dialogue, the book immediately gets the young minds interested. The artwork is pleasing to the eyes and enhances the story’s intrigue. The friends’ exciting exploitations across different islands are divided into separate chapters, making it easy for the reader to jump from one adventure to another without losing the thread of the story. Goodner’s simple exploration of Kezumi and Kondo’s deep bond of friendship should easily draw young readers. A lovely adventure of two best friends!


Kondo & Kezumi Visit Giant Island

by David Goodner


Pub Date 18 May 2021

ISBN 9781368025775

PRICE $14.99 (USD)

Categories: Children's Fiction

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